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Top 'back-breaking' professions


Driving is considered to be the most harmful career for your back and neck, being in a fixed position for an extended period of time will stiffen up your back muscles and can lead to achiness and possibly muscle spasm. The road vibrations can also put stress on a driver’s joints and spine due to the constant bumps on some roads. Chiropractic treatment can ensure that your spine is functioning optimally, which in turn, will reduce the stress your muscles and joints are subjected to. A Chiropractor will also give advice on the correct seating position and provide stretches and exercises to do to keep you pain free.

Construction worker, manual labourer and warehouse worker

These professions are all physically demanding, they involve climbing ladders, lifting, bending, operating heavy machinery, pushing/pulling heavy loads and this all puts a huge strain on the body. With Chiropractic care the risk of injury can be reduced and recovery times may be lessened, allowing you to stay in work and be pain free.


Nurses are on their feet during most of their shifts, as well as transferring patients, moving heavy medical equipment, and bending to assist with procedures. This can all contribute to reduced function and eventually lead to back and/or neck injury. Chiropractic care can help by ensuring the spine is functioning optimally, this will not only aid recovery but also reduce the risk of injury.

Office workers

Office workers generally don’t spend their days lifting large objects or operating heavy machinery, but the opposite end of the spectrum may be just as detrimental to your spine. Sitting all day can lead to poor posture which can cause back pain, neck pain, sore joints, stiff muscles and headaches. Chiropractic care can improve your posture in order for your spine to function optimally. A Chiropractor will also provide advice on stretches, exercises and correct seating position to help you stay pain free.


Dentists perform procedures that keep them in the same position for long periods, while also twisting and bending their necks and upper backs. That’s why many in the profession experience upper back and neck pain. Chiropractic care aims to reduce the stress that muscles and joints are subjected to. Through a combination of treatment, advice, stretches and exercises, this will provide you with the tools you need to stay pain free and reduce the risk of injury.

Auto mechanics

Working on cars requires a lot of bending, twisting, and arching of the back. These movements put the spine in awkward positions, which can cause pain and injury. Chiropractic care can help to ensure your spine is functioning optimally, reducing the risk of injury, aiding recovery and keeping you able to work pain free.